Why I Am Not Running for Governor of the United States

I will not be running for Governor in 2018.

 This is the final, unequivocal, unequivocable and, most importantly, absolute, rejection of any attempts by the establishment of any form of a Republican Party to impose their party upon the American people.

 As we approach the election, I will continue to focus on the issues that matter most to the American People, and I will do so by working tirelessly to advance the conservative agenda that has made this country great.

That is why I have decided to withdraw my candidacy for the presidency.

If any one of you reading this knows someone who is considering making a bid for office in 2018, please let me know.

I have always believed that, as a matter of public policy, it is best for Americans to remain free and independent of political parties, both the major parties and the minor parties, so long as they are not engaged in partisan politics.

When the time comes to choose between two people who are diametrically opposed to the conservative and libertarian values that have made America great, I believe that we can all agree that we have a duty to continue to hold each other accountable to our values and ideals.

Sincerely, Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, February 12, 2019Source: Vice News article Governor Scott: We’ll see if Democrats come after me again article On Saturday, February 11, 2020, Governor Governor Scott signed into law SB 958, which created a state of emergency and provided a temporary statewide ban on the enforcement of the concealed carry reciprocity law.

Under the new law, any person who has been arrested for an offense under the law may apply to the court for a temporary restraining order prohibiting the arrest or arrest and conviction of the person for the offense.

As a result of the emergency law, there are now at least 18,000 concealed carry permits available for anyone to apply for.

The Governor has also instituted a new statewide system of issuing concealed carry licenses.

The system is now overseen by the Department of Motor Vehicles and is expected to be fully operational in the next few weeks.

In addition, Governor Walker has suspended the right to possess a firearm, effective immediately, and has directed that all licensed concealed carry permit holders who have been convicted of misdemeanor or felony crimes be subject to a temporary, temporary and/or permanent suspension of their concealed carry license.

According to Governor Walker, he will not make any more statements about the emergency legislation until the full court process is complete.

At this time, the Governor has declared a state “emergency,” and the public is advised to avoid all forms of travel, including commercial and public transit, in anticipation of the full, final, and permanent suspension and ban on concealed carry by law enforcement authorities.

Governor Scott Walker, February 14, 2020.

On Saturday, April 25, 2020 Governor Scott vetoed SB 2142, which prohibited state law enforcement officers from questioning or using “any investigatory techniques” in connection with the investigation of a person’s criminal activity.

Although the bill did not specifically mention that it would apply to law enforcement, the governor was clear that he was not willing to pass a law that would make the state “a police state.”

In his veto message, Governor Gov.

Scott said that the legislation was “too broad and overbroad,” and that it did not reflect “the state of Georgia’s evolving relationship with the federal government,” and he was willing to make some changes to the law to clarify that it is not intended to be an “armed police state,” but instead to “ensure that Georgia is a responsible, lawful, and accountable state.”

Source: Bloomberg News article Gov.

Scott says he’ll sign SB 2143: ‘I’m going to sign it’ article Governors Scott Walker and Nathan Deal signed SB 2141, which bans law enforcement from asking or using any investigatory methods to determine whether a person is in fact a “person of color,” which is a broad category that includes people of color.

During a press conference on Thursday, April 18, 2020 at the Governor’s Mansion, Governor Deal said that he has signed SB 142.

“I’m a very strong believer in the rule of law,” he said.

“I believe in the equal protection clause of the Constitution.

I believe in due process.

And I believe you can’t make it harder for a person of color to live their life, to work their job, to go to school.

So, I’m going have a conversation with the legislature about what the best course of action is.

And we’ll see what happens.”

Source : ABC News article The 2016 Presidential Campaign of Gov.

Mike Huckabee  is the only candidate to ever win a majority of the popular vote in both of the presidential primaries, and the campaign has been an enormous success for the campaign and the Republican Party in the general election. 

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