How to Create a Learnable Website Design

Learnable is an easy to use online learning platform.

It has a powerful feature that allows you to create a site that will help your students learn more about your products and services.

This tutorial walks you through how to create an easy-to-use Learnable website design that will make your site stand out.


Choose a theme Learnable has themes for almost every theme type.

Choose one that suits your needs.

The theme for this tutorial is simple, but you can create more complex themes using CSS.

The easiest way to create this theme is to use a Theme Generator tool that comes with Learnable.


Add a logo and logo fonts.

This is a key step that should be done before you begin creating your site.

The logo and font used for the Learnable site will be the default one, so choose a theme that will match the logo and fonts.

Choose the size and color of the logo font and add it to the header area of the page.


Select the desired icon font.

If you are using a custom icon font, it’s important to select one that fits well with the theme you are creating.

Choose either a custom font or a font that has been custom created.

Choose from the icon fonts available in the Theme Generator.

Choose which icon font you will use.

Choose whether you want to include an image or a logo in the icon font or logo font.


Add the page content.

Choose what content will be on the Learnables website.

For this tutorial, I am going to use the text and video content.

If your theme is more about teaching than learning, choose a content that will teach your students what you are about to teach.

For example, a content page that will give students information on how to use Learnable would be a good choice.

You can also create a text page to give students tips on how they can improve their skills.

The text page needs to be about five to six pages long and includes a header and footer.

It’s best to include a link to your website in the header and a link in the footer of the text page.

The main content on the page should be about 5 to 6 pages long.


Add your navigation buttons.

The navigation buttons are the buttons that go on the home page of your website and are the main feature of your site, such as the menu button.

In this tutorial I am using a simple button for home, but other buttons can be used to provide the user with other options.

For more on how you can design your site to look great, see Designing Your Site.

Choose your navigation button icon and add them to the navigation area on the Home page of the site.


Add video and audio.

When you’re ready to start designing the home and menu buttons, add a video element that goes in front of the video.

I use a video icon that looks like a video player icon on a screen.

This video element will have a video playing, and the video will start when the user clicks on the button.

For audio, I like to add a sound element that plays whenever I click on the video element.

This sound element will play when the button is pressed.

This technique is known as adding audio.


Add text.

In a tutorial like this, the main focus should be on adding text to your Learnables site.

I suggest that you add a few paragraphs of text that you will have to explain to your students.

For your home page, you will need to create two sections that have the main text of the website.

Create a new section and name it LearnableHome.

Add two paragraphs of content in that section that explain the main benefits of learning.

Create another section in your LearnableMenu and name that section Learnable menu.

The second section should have a section called LearnableVideo that has a video.

This section should include information about how to learn Learnable content.

I usually like to include the section in the top of the home menu, but in this case, you can add a new submenu to your menu that will take you to a separate page that explains how to become a Learnables teacher.


Add images.

Add an image element that will appear at the bottom of the Learnabilities home page.

I recommend using a background image that looks similar to the one in the image below.

I also like to use an image that is similar to a logo, but is different from a standard logo image.

I like the background image to have a white background and a bright color.

This helps to distinguish it from a regular logo.

For videos, you need to choose a background that is darker than the video, and you also need to use one that is a color that matches the color of your logo.


Create your learning area.

Add pages to the Learnability site that show the main content of the Learning Areas on the homepage.

This area is called the LearnLearn and contains the main learning areas, including the LearnVideo and the Learn