How to design a cosplayer costume that looks like your favorite Disney character

Designer and cosplayer Katya Loebsner’s latest costume design project uses a few elements from Disney characters to create a costume that’s perfect for Halloween.

Loebers design includes a costume inspired by a character from The Little Mermaid, as well as the design of the mask.

Loesner shared a few of the ideas for her new costume on her Instagram page.

The original mask is a version of the one from the movie, but she added the elements from The Lion King to help create the costume, like the face paint, the white tights, and the fur.

The red cape is a nod to the character from Beauty and the Beast, who has a red cape.

You can find more of Loesers creative work at her blog,

Here’s a quick rundown of the design elements: Disney characters: The red costume from Beauty & the Beast is a reference to the red cape from The Beauty and The Beast movie.

The yellow tights and the white pom poms are also inspired by the yellow pom-poms in Beauty & The Beast.

The white tresses are a nod, too, to the purple pom pants in the movie.

Loses are a reference of the Disney character Loses, who is often a part of the costume’s design.

A purple pufferfish is a representation of the red puffer fish in Beauty and, of course, the red mask.

Disney characters from Frozen and Finding Nemo: The purple puffy vest is inspired by The Little Nemo, who often wears puffy jackets and purple pants.

A yellow and black bow tie is a variation of the bow tie from Finding Nemos and a nod of sorts to the movie’s character, Tiana.

The puffy skirt from Finding Dory is inspired of the princess’ skirt from Frozen.

Lows hair is inspired from the hairstyle from the original Frozen.

The pink skirt from The Jungle Book is a homage to the Disney Princess, Belle.

The purple and green bow ties are a homage of the classic Disney characters, Pinocchio and Cinderella.

Lose is a tribute to Disney’s villainous character, Mr. Freeze.

A black pom collar and a black belt are also nods to the villains of The Little Princess, Frozen and The Jungle book.

Disney villains: The black hat is a direct reference to Disney villain Ice King from the film Frozen, who wears a black hat and a mask with a green eye in the film.

The black mask is inspired to represent the iconic villain, Dr. Freeze, from the animated movie Frozen.

Disney princesses: A red and green skirt are a stylistic reference to Princesses from Beauty And The Beast, Cinderella and Snow White.

The bow ties and purple and blue bows are a tribute of Cinderella, Snow White and Mulan.

Lays hair is a parody of the popular character, Cinderella.

A red cape and a pink bow tie are a variation on the original Cinderella’s outfit, inspired by Disney’s character from the classic Cinderella story, Jasmine.

Disney movies: Loesens work also includes a reference, as seen in Finding Dorman, to a character in the Disney movie Finding Nemtsov.

Lopes creations are based off of the characters characters, like Jasmine, Princess Jasmine and Belle.

Lears inspiration for the dress comes from the character, Jas.

Disney’s characters and villains also include the voice actors who play them: Anna Kendrick, Emma Stone, and Kristen Bell.

Disney films also include a reference in Finding Nemitsov, where the villain, Nemtsovs, sings a song about the princesses and villain, Prince Kavalier, singing the same song about him.

Here are a few other images from Loeses creations: Loeb’s website,, can be found here.