Is the next version of Google Home a good fit for Utah?

Utah lawmakers are weighing a bill that would give the new home maker the right to use the Google Home app to access its online catalog.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Michael Bittner, R-Mesa, would make Google Home compatible with the state’s website design and analytics, as well as the state Department of Commerce’s portal for online property listings.

If approved, the legislation would make it easier for developers to get Google Home onto the Utah website and allow the company to build and use websites that can then be customized for a user’s home.

It’s an exciting time for Utahns.

For the first time, a state has a home hub for online listings that can be personalized with the preferences of a homeowner.

And if the bill is approved, Google could even get the chance to take on some of the most difficult tasks that come with a new home — like determining how much space to leave for a child in the living room.

Bittner says Utahns are eager to experience the new Google Home and have been eagerly awaiting a release date.

“They’re excited for it, and they’re really looking forward to it,” he says.

“And if it’s approved, I think that’s a really good thing for Utah.

Because it will be easier for them to get their hands on it and have it available in Utah.”

Utah is one of several states where developers and home builders are working together to develop online listings.

But the bill also would open up more potential for the home maker, as it would allow developers to access the software to customize their own websites.

Bittners office, in Salt Lake City, is working on legislation that would make the Google-enabled home app compatible with Utah websites.

The legislation also would create a task force to look at new online listings, and the Utah Department of Revenue has also set up a website that can give developers the ability to build a listing for their home.

Bitterly disappointed that Google has not adopted the Utah legislation, Bitters office has begun to research the state laws that would allow it to offer the Home app in the state.

“If they do decide to make it available here, we will be very interested in making sure that it’s in compliance with those laws,” he said.

Betts office has been working with the Utah Business and Technology Council and others to explore how to offer a home listing that works across the state, and has also been exploring the possibility of allowing users to select their own design themes and wallpaper to go with their home’s homepage.

Bets and bettingOn Thursday, Bets, a website for people looking to bet on sports, issued a statement that said the company was “committed to supporting the Utah state government in all of its endeavors.

The legislation introduced by Rep Bittnner is a step in the right direction to allow us to provide a platform that will benefit Utahns.”

The statement continued, “We believe that this legislation will help bring Utah to the forefront in the global marketplace, and provide our community with the opportunity to compete with the world’s best companies for the top online listing.”

Bets, which was founded in 2012, is currently based in Silicon Valley, and CEO Tim Pendergraft says Utah is an ideal location for the company because it’s “an awesome place to build.”

“We’ve been in Utah for over five years, and this is a very interesting area to be in,” he told the Salt Lake Tribune.

Bettner said he hopes that the new legislation will make Utah an example to the rest of the country to get a Google Home-powered home design.

“I think the rest, I’m hoping that other states will follow suit and be able to go ahead and offer that for their own consumers,” he added.

“The Utah law is going to be a great example for other states.”