‘I don’t feel like an artist’: How to make a website without using Photoshop

Designers who make websites for clients can be a bit of an odd duck, but a growing number of designers are starting to make the switch.

With the growth of online platforms such as Google’s new ‘Projects’ for creative and professional content creation, and Facebook’s new Livejournal, designers are increasingly using digital tools to create their own content.

We’ve talked to a few of them to find out how they’re getting on. 1.

Kate Fenton Design Director, Kate Fentons blog 2.

Laura Clements Design Director at the fashion label Saks Fifth Avenue, Laura is the co-founder of a website design studio.


Jannine Stowe Designer, author of the blog ‘We Are Ourselves’, Jannines ‘We are ourselves’ blog and online magazine is about the power of being authentic.


Tessa Lee Designer and web design consultant at The Fashion Institute of Design, Tessa is currently based in New York.


Amanda Gifford Designer and blogger at ‘We Design’, Amanda is a designer of vintage clothing, design and fashion photography.


Katie Lavin Designer, writer and producer of ‘The Girls In the Box’, Katie is also a blogger and designer of fashion, beauty and lifestyle websites.


Jodie Thompson Designer, editor, producer and blogger, Jodies latest blog, ‘Jodie’ has a diverse portfolio of photography, fashion, lifestyle, and design.


Michelle Jardine Designer, co-creator of the website The Vogue Blog, Michelle is an independent creative director, designer, and author of The Vignettes: A collection of contemporary photographs by acclaimed photographers.


Emily Elling Design Director for the fashion and lifestyle website ‘The Beauty and the Beast’, Emily is the creator of the popular blog ‘The Body Shop’.


Emma Jones Designer, blogger, editor and founder of ‘I Am The Beauty’.

Emma has been writing, editing and blogging about the beauty industry for over three decades.


Laura Broussard Designer and co-host of the podcast ‘Laura BrouSSard’, Laura is a writer and blogger.


Katie Smith Designer, producer, and writer at The Beauty and The Beast, Katie is a co-designer of The Beauty.


Melissa Akins Design Director of The Face Shop, Melissa is a freelance writer and creator of many online design projects.


Anna Molloy Designer and founder at ‘Molloy Designs’, Anna is a graphic designer, designer and creative director.


Laura Sartore Design Director and founder, Laura Sarts design studio, is an international digital agency.


Katie McLean Designer and editor of The Fashion and Beauty Blog, Katie has a long and distinguished career in design, fashion and content creation.


J.R. McLeod Designer, designer of the ‘Love is a Body’ website, J. R. is the designer of The Love Is A Body.


Laura Hennings Designer and creator and co founder of The Sexy Dolls Blog, Laura has been creating beauty, fashion & lifestyle content since 2007.


Michelle Lipski Designer and host of the show ‘Lipski on Design’, Michelle is a creator of graphic design and content.


Stephanie Coyle Designer, publisher and editor, Stephanie is an internationally acclaimed freelance graphic designer and designer, best known for her stunning ‘Shelter in Place’ website.


Amanda Smith Designer and author, Amanda has been working as a designer and writer since 2006.


Jana Fickler Design Director in the Fashion and Design studio at Design Studio, Jana has been designing for clients since 2008.


Kaitlyn Schoonmaker Designer and owner of the online lifestyle brand, Kait’s blog is a mix of fashion and technology.


Claire McCracken Designer, owner of The Style and Beauty Shop and coauthor of the book ‘Ladies in Love’.


Lisa Farrow Designer and designer at the web design company Designing Without Walls, Lisa has been a graphic design professional for over two decades.


Melissa Kann Designer and producer at ‘I Love You’, Melissa is the creative director of The Beautiful Ones.


Jessica Jones Designer and voice of the character Jessica Jones, Jessica is the founder and co owner of Jessica Jones Media, a website and podcast dedicated to exploring women’s stories, experiences and careers.


Emily Condon Designer and writer for the blog, Emily has been publishing her personal stories, writing and blogging since 2011.


Stephanie Fisch Designer and partner at The Style And Beauty Shop, Stephanie has been developing and creating content since 2006 and recently launched the website ‘Candy For The Streets’.


Kailah McKean Designer and Co-Creative Director at The Faceshop, Kailahs creative approach to content and content design is to