Godaddy: How it is transforming India’s online retailing industry

Designers in India are transforming the retail landscape by opening their own design consultancy.

The global design giant announced on Monday that it has created an Indian division of its design consultancy group.

It will be called the Design Group, which is a division of the Design Management Company (DMC).

The new entity, which will have a staff of 20, will be headquartered in Bangalore, India, according to the company.

The DMC is the leading design consultancy in the country.

The group is expected to have more than 20,000 staff across five offices across India and the world, according a press release.

The head of the company, Sanjeev Sharma, will become the company’s CEO and chairman.

The group will focus on the development of new markets and global trends.

Design Group will also have the power to hire global experts and provide training and consulting services to the DMC, the company said in a statement.

The move comes after the DMA’s founder, Prakash Chandrasekhar, sold the firm to Godaddy for $500 million in 2017.

The acquisition will give Godaddy more market power.

“Godaddy has been able to build the largest online retail chain in the world by leveraging its expertise and network to provide an unmatched customer experience, to attract and retain a diverse, highly-skilled and highly-motivated team, and to drive innovation,” the company wrote in a press statement.

“The new design team will further enhance our existing network of design experts and bring new expertise and expertise to the brand.

This will benefit all our stakeholders in the retail industry.”

India’s e-commerce market is estimated to be worth about $50 billion.

The new Design Group will have an office in Bangalore.

It’s expected to focus on India, the US and Europe.