Why do hotels have so many logos?

The first thing you’ll notice about hotels is their logo.

They use lots of logos.

And it’s not a bad one at all.

Here are a few that are really great.


The Blue Ribbon Hotel logo, a big red circle on the outside of a white box.

The blue ribbon is the highest level of recognition for all hotel employees.


The Hotel of the Stars logo, featuring a red circle and a circle in the center.

The Stars logo is often used to mark off a room’s location on the hotel’s website.


The Hilton Hotels logo, which has a white circle and four stars on the top.

The design of the logo was influenced by the designs of the hotels in the United States.


The Bowery Hotel logo.

This hotel has a large red circle that is often placed on a door or window.

It was created to show that the hotel was the hotel of the Boweries, the area around New York City’s Central Park.


The JW Marriott logo, designed by a local artist, is a yellow triangle with a star at the top, and three yellow triangles below.

This is a stylized version of the hotel logo.


The Marriott Inn logo, based on the original Hilton hotel name, is an orange triangle with three yellow circles on either side.

It’s a stylistic homage to the hotel.


The Hyatt Hotel logo is a triangle with an orange circle and three stars.

It has a different style to the original hotel logo, with a yellow circle and red triangles.


The Ritz-Carlton Hotel logo has two white triangles on either corner of a yellow diamond.

It represents a place where guests can enjoy themselves and a sense of adventure.


The Cancun Hilton logo, created by a Mexican artist, looks similar to the logo for the Hyatt, except the stars are blue.


The Westin Las Vegas hotel logo features a yellow square with three stars at the end.


The Waldorf Astoria Hotel logo features four white triangles.

It looks like a hotel with an elevator.


The Sheraton Resort Hotel logo looks like the logo of the Sheraton Hotel, which was the tallest hotel in the world until it was demolished in 2009.


The Trump International Hotel logo uses a yellow star on the side of the building.


The Mar-a-Lago Resort logo has a yellow strip with two white stars and a red triangle.

The star represents the property’s name.


The Four Seasons Hotel logo shows three yellow diamonds with a red diamond below.


The Old Post Office building has two red diamonds in the shape of a heart.


The New York Post Office has a red heart on its front facade.


The Sears Tower Hotel has a green circle with three red diamonds below.


The Dumbo Hotel logo also has a heart in the middle of it. 20.

The Grand Hyatt hotel logo has five white stars.


The Holiday Inn of Los Angeles has three stars on a white background.


The Red Roof Inn has a blue diamond above and a white diamond below, which is the hotel name.


The Royal Hawaiian Hotel logo contains four white stars in the form of a triangle.


The Palazzo Venezia hotel logo shows two white diamonds.

It says the hotel is “the largest luxury hotel in Europe.”


The World Trade Center Hotel logo was created by architect Richard Meier, and was the first hotel to be built in New York.

It features the words, “The World Trade Tower.”


The National Cathedral Hotel logo bears a blue triangle with four stars.


The Tower Hotel logo combines four stars and the letters A to create the word “Tower.”


The Times Square Hotel logo resembles the logos for the New York and Washington, D.C. airports, with the words “Times Square.”


The Washington Post Hotel logo says “Post Office” in capital letters, a design that is very familiar to visitors to Washington, DC. 30.

The Lincoln Memorial Hotel logo incorporates a red square with four red diamonds.


The Crystal Palace Hotel logo appears to be a combination of a red dot and the word, “Crystal Palace.”


The Mandarin Oriental Hotel logo includes three white stars with a golden dot.


The Mandalay Bay Resort Hotel is based on a logo for a casino in Las Vegas.


The International Club in Tokyo is based in the same building as the Mandalay Beach Resort, with an umbrella at the entrance.


The Shangri-La Hotel logo represents the hotel in Shangri La. 36.

The White House has a big orange circle with a white dot and a yellow line around it. 37.

The Taj Mahal hotel logo is based off the design of a Taj Mahai casino.


The Palace Hotel hotel logo looks