How to make your website more mobile friendly

article The mobile site design elements can help to keep your site responsive, as well as make your mobile site look good, by helping you to optimize the display of the page.

To get started, click on the design elements icon, and select the elements that you want to apply to your website.

To apply the elements to your site, click the icon again, and then choose the element that you wish to apply.

The element that is selected will be added to the list of elements that are available to the user.

You can also choose to add the element to the template or to your CSS file.

When you are done applying the elements, the elements will appear in your list of available elements.

You will also need to set up a custom CSS file to display the elements in the web page.

Now, to make the mobile site responsive.

Add the elements with the following markup.

Add a new div class with the same id as the content div, and set it to a placeholder text for the mobile page.

  • <!– this can be changed by changing any text that appears in the navigation button text, or the content that appears inside the navigation label.

    This can be used to make certain elements more responsive, or to hide elements from the user that the user is supposed to see.

    <!– a new entry will be inserted into the navigation links list, and will add an element to your navigation elements list of links that will display the new entry.

    You should also change the text of the entry to show the name of the new item, so that the search can appear.

    <!– you can add the hidden elements to the layout, or you can change the content of the elements list to show an element that can be hidden, or show the entry